The dilemma about the secret menu

I am in a dilemma. Some people would like to know the menu in advance in order to decide if they want to come or not. I truly understand that but I think that all fun is gone when you know in advance what you will be served.

To me the surprise is part of the event.

I decided to compromise, though. I will give you, a hint!

We will do a travel of tastes:

  • Our journey will start in Mauretania with a dish of pulses and legumes.
  • Then, we have a stopover in Italy, with a touch of France.  A cheesy dish with a bit of spice and herbs.
  • This is followed by a fusion of Italy and Asia. Fish in an unexpected combination with citrus fruit.
  • Spain is our next stop, Galicia to be precise. A wonderfully simple fish dish.
  • For the desert we return to Italy. Chocolate and fruits are involved in this creation.

So there! All the origins and the main ingredients, still…not the menu!

Looking forward to feeding you!

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  1. We tried not posting an advance menu here at Casa SaltShaker for awhile and people just simply stopped showing up. I agree with you, part of the fun is the surprise, but I quickly found out how particular people are about what they eat – the number of special requests, dietary concerns, allergies, etc., is astounding – some weekends I turn down as many reservations as I accept! We went back to posting the menu with a warning above it, and on our confirmation e-mail, that it’s subject to change based on anything from ingredient availability to my personal whims – amazing that that seems to make it all okay for people….

    • Hi Dan! Thanks a lot for the input!Υou saw how we posted the hint menu… It describes the dish giving the ingredients, but still keeps the mystery! It worked last time, people were able to let us know about food allergies etc. I know what u mean, we could almost give up on the fix menu, haha! It all worked out in the end, so I think we’ll keep it up! We shall see… Again, thank you! Danai

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